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Schiller Institute Berlin Conference
a Resounding Success

February 2012

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

February 26--The Schiller Institute conference concluded today in Berlin and was a resounding success.  There were guests from 22 nations in attendance.  The event represented an intervention at the highest levels in the trans-Atlantic region, to prevent the looming global thermonuclear war and offer mankind an alternative future.  The opening Saturday session featured a number of unique reports from some of the frontlines of the war to save humanity.  The speakers presented views that are normally suppressed, starting with Claudio Giudici, who delivered a rousing report on his battle with techno-fascist Mario Monti. Another speaker on the panel, an independent Syrian activist, gave an important indepth account of what is really going on, on the ground, in Syria.  The first panel also included a report from our Irish LaRouche activist and from Jacques Cheminade, via video.  Helga Zepp-LaRouche delivered her keynote.  Next was the video presentation by Lyndon LaRouche followed by a live question and answer dialogue via phone hookup.

After the science panel, featuring Bruce Director, Sky Shields and Professor Sergey Pulinets, participants were treated to an extraordinary evening concert.  Among the highlights were an aria from La Forza del Destino by Verdi, performed by Antonella Banaudi, and the Schiller Institute chorus and orchestra's performance of the fourth movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

Sunday's closing session began with a science panel, which included indepth presentations on the European space perspective and the prospects of Arctic development.  The latter presentation was by Ulf, who did a significant amount of new work preparing for the conference.  The final panel was devoted to the subject of what it takes to be a great human being and artist. Presentations were delivered by Antonella and by a grandson of the great Swedish singer Jussi Björling, who himself performed a Swedish song, Adelaide, and An die Musik.

The concluding session consisted of a very profound discussion among the conference participants, who were duly provoked by the paradox of the immediate danger of human extinction by thermonuclear war or a pending "Great Kill" and the prospect for mankind to soar.  One of the highlights of this concluding panel was the remarks of Dr. Pulinets, who described the degenerate Russian youth culture, that is so rotten that there are daily reports of youth suicides.  At the same time, the conference itself provided all the participants with a clear sense of the alternative, based on the realization of man's unique capacities as a willfully creative species.